School unit :SMP N I  BOYOLALI

Subject               :Mathematics

Class/semester   :VIII/I

  1. Standard of competence :

Understanding algebra forms, relations, function, and linear equations.

  1. Basic of competence :

Determining algebraic value

  1. Indicators :

1. Compute the value of function.

2. Make function table.

3. determine the formula of function if it’s value and data is know

  1. Time allocation : 2 x 30 minutes
  2. Learning achievement :

After studying the lesson, student will be able to :

1.Compute the value of function

    1. Make function table
    2. Determine the formula of function if it’s value and data is know.
  1. material :


  1. Method / aproach :

Orally, drill, discussion and task assignment.


  1. Activity

· opening

· Teacher remind function by giving the example of function in daily life.

· Discuss about difficult homework

· Informs leaning achievement.


· main activities:

a. Give example of function that expressed in arrow diagram

b. Ask students to complete a function table made by teacher, if formula of function is know. Teacher guides student to complete function table.

c. Teacher and student together discuss about how to find the formula of function if it’s value and data are known.

· Closing :

o Teacher guides student to make conclusion

o Teacher gives homework

  1. Tool and references :

text book, white board, grid paper,ruler,and komputer


  1. Assesment :

Kind : formative test discussion result

Form : Essay

Example :

1. For function f (x) = 2x – 3. Determine the value of :

a. F (7)

b. F (9)

c. F (11)

2. A function has formula f (x) = 4x – 7 has domain {-3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3}. Make it’s function table.

3. Given f (x) = mx + 12 and the value of function f for x =-2 is 8. Determine the value of the function f for x =3. Then determine the formula of the function f.


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